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Dance the Night Away with Light Weight


The age old question when planning a wedding...BAND or DJ?!?! What if we told you, you could have both. That's exactly what you get with Light Weight as your wedding band. You're hiring a band that covers multiple genres and puts on a performance you'll remember forever.

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Enjoy a fun night out with friends and dance your A** Off

Light Weight

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Get to Know Us

Since their formation in October 2013, Light Weight has rapidly emerged as a standout wedding band in Scranton, Pennsylvania, earning widespread acclaim and recommendations for their dynamic performances. This talented group has graced a variety of venues, from private and corporate events to weddings, and the occasional backyard bash! Their notable performances even include an event for President Joe Biden, showcasing their versatility and appeal.

The band's lineup is a fusion of exceptional talent and diverse musical backgrounds, creating the unique sound that Light Weight is celebrated for. Lead vocalist Katie Blake, formerly of The Window Shoppers, brings her captivating solo experience to the forefront. Guitarist Matt Rinkunas and drummer Joe O'Malley, originally from the band Just a Thought, later became key members of the popular bar band 1 Hot Mess, adding a rich depth to the group's sound. Tom MacDonald, a classically trained musician, offers his skills on keyboard and guitar, marking his impressive entry into band performance. Lastly, Dave Graff, comes with experience from playing with energetic acts like Madison Ave and Blue Funk, further enriching the band's musical tapestry.

Light Weight's repertoire spans the decades, featuring hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and today's chart-toppers, ensuring a connection with every generation. Their ability to put a unique spin on well-known songs, combined with a diverse set list, guarantees an engaging experience for all attendees. Known for their high-energy performances and professional presentation, Light Weight is not just about delivering music; they're about creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration, making them the perfect choice for any wedding in Scranton, PA.

Whether you're planning a wedding or a special event in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Light Weight promises to deliver a memorable experience, blending skilled musicianship with a passion for entertainment. Their commitment to excellence and fun, evident in every performance, makes them the go-to wedding band in Scranton for an event that's as unique and unforgettable as your special day.



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